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Liposuction/SmartlipoTM Testimonials


"I can't thank enough Dr. Dihn Nguyen!!! He is an artist, I had my abdomen lipo on 8/24/2020 and couldn't be happier with the results. So happy, that I'm having a lipo on my legs next week. The procedure is very safe, no pain at all, except for minor discomfort with the initial injections. The tumescent anesthesia is the way to go. 48h later, I was working on my feet for 12h and taking only Tylenol, I didn't have to use anything stronger than that and 1 week later I was back to the gym and running like nothing. Thanks Dr. Nguyen, you are the best!!!." (see pictures)
Cristina A. (Yelp)
Firstly, before I start I do want to note that this review will not focus on my liposuction results, as I am currently in the process of healing; I may do an edit later on. BUT, what I mainly want to focus on is the hospitality. One word, AMAZING. Honestly, everyone from the receptionist to the doctor, nurse and technician, was just so nice and accommodating. After meeting for my consultation I knew I had found the place for me because of how comfortable they made me feel (I did do other consultations elsewhere and I didn't feel that reassurance like I got from them). During my consultation and on the day of my surgery all of my questions were answered, and they thoroughly went over with me the do's and don'ts of healing and what to expect (they make sure you understand what you need to do the weeks before the day of your surgery as well). During the procedure, and yes you are fully awake; the attentiveness to the concern of my comfort was 10 out of 10! And the availability to contact them if I had any questions was great; the surgeon even gave me his personal cell in case I had any questions/concerns after the procedure was completed; that is care right there. In all thus far my experience has been great, and I cannot wait until I am fully healed." (see pictures)
Ne M. (Yelp)
"I had my procedure done September 8th I did my upper and lower abs and I see results already. Dr. DINH was more than amazing he made me feel so comfortable from the day I met him. He listened to all my concerns and problem areas and gave me his honest opinion.teh entire staff is also amazing everyone was kind and warm every time I went in for the consult,  pre op and post pp. They always help leading up to the appointment.

The procedure wasn't painful at all the Dr. Dinh and the registered nurse checked to make sure I was ok the entire time to me sure I was still numb and didn't have any discomfort.

Dr. Dinh also gave me a cell number to text anytime if I had any questions or concerns after the surgery. He really cares about all of his patients. I definitely recommend going to see him my mom aunt and sister plan on going to him as well." (see pictures)
Reanna O. (Yelp)
"I had lipo surgery done August 20th with Dr. Dinh Nguyen. I was able to walk out after the surgery and felt good. The only pain i felt during the surgery was when the local anesthetic was applied. The rest of the time it just felt as if someone was applying pressure to the area. The Dr explained everythinghe was doing as he did it. The staff is great and very helpful. I am still in the healing process, i had lower and upper abs, love haddles, and my lower back which is reffered to as the flanks. After the first week i was able to see some results already. I did not have or needed anyone to take care of me the day of surgery or the following days. I was able to walk and do everything myself, 8ncluding driving the next day. After the first week i started walking a mile a day. On the 14th day i was working out with weights at the gym. Now that i am at a month after, i am able to work out like normal already, weights and cardio!" (see pictures)
Joe F. (Yelp)
"I had amazing experience at dr. Robert office He truly stands behind his work. At first i was scared of getting lipo done - dr Robert change my experience by 180" He is very honest and took time to educate me about procedure. I have been consulting with other doctors before and nobody didnt gave me confidence and honest opinion. Results after my smartlipo are amazing - dr Robert been following up with me next day after surgery making sure i am ok. This is huge ! Majority doctors would never do that !! I would highly recommend dr. Robert ! Cant go wrong !" (see pictures)
Laura M. (Yelp)
"Dr. Robert and his staff were so amazing! Very friendly, informative, and even entertaining lol! They all really made my procedure as comfortable as possible and made me feel very welcomed from the moment I walked in. His Encino office is absolutely beautiful and has the most comfortable couch I've ever sat on lol. During my entire procedure Dr. Robert would ask if I had any pain and any time I did, he immediately administered more anesthesia and took the time needed for it to set in. He was extremely thorough from pre-op to post-op and even called the following Sunday to check on my mom and I who both had the same procedure back to back and also to thank us again for choosing to go to him. I am only 5 days post op and so far so good, but I can't really comment on my results since it hasn't been long enough. I will however, update this review some time between week 2 and 4 but have a high level of confidence in Dr. Robert and believe my results will be outstanding. My mom and I both 100% feel we made the right decision and will be discussing going back for other procedures and/or treatments in the near future. UPDATE: It has been 2 months now, sorry for taking a while to update! I'm in love with my results! My arms are tiny and my stomach is completely flat. One of the best decisions I've ever made." (see pictures)
Tatian F. (Yelp)
"Best experience! Dr. Roberts and his team are absolutely amazing. From the consultation, procedure, to the after care, him and his team take their time to make you feel welcome and comfortable. During the consultation he and his nurse addressed all my questions and concerns. I made him aware of areas that I felt needed smart lipo. Instead of agreeing with everything that I thought would be best for me, Dr. Roberts and his years of experience, provided me with the best solution for my budget and my body- Love handles, upper and lower abs, and Flanks. By the end of that initial meeting, I had 100% confidence in him and his team. I trusted his judgement and it was the best decision. The day of my procedure, during the preparation, they were so concerned about whether I ate a full meal that he gave me his lunch! Even throughout the procedure, TLC all the way. He takes his time and his nurse is literally right by your side to ensure you stay comfortable all the way through. I literally went back to work 2 days after my procedure. It's been approximately a week since and even during the healing process, my results are amazing! Highly recommend Dr. Roberts!" (see pictures)
Jaime N. (Yelp)

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  • Dr. Robert is a Rockstar! I had no pain the very next day. I went walking with my husband for 2 miles. I am a Type 1 Diabetic and my blood sugars and HGA1C improved after my treatment. Thank you, Dr. Hashemiyoon for everything.
    - CS, Grandmother
  • My love handles are gone. No more muffin top sticking over my jeans. I am wearing pants I haven't worn in 15 years.
    - AN, Dentist
  • Dr. Robert is a real artist. I look years younger and love my new figure. And my neck and jowls look wonderful. I look like I had a facelift but I didn't!
    - RG, CPA Accountant